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Generations Southeast Community Learning Center views class attendance as an important attribute for learning to be job ready; therefore, attendance at all Generations Southeast  courses is required and students are expected to be in training every day.  This rule applies for vocational classes only. Arriving late or leaving early will be considered a tardy. A tardy will be recorded as unexcused if the CDL Instructor is not notified within 30 minutes of the expected attendance. Being tardy three times will be considered an absence. After three unexcused absences, the student will be dropped or withdrawn from the course at the discretion of the instructor.
An excused absence will be granted if prior notice is given to the instructor and arrangements are made to cover course work. Any absence excused or not, requires that the student take responsibility to make up all lost time and complete course assignments. Time spent on an approved leave of absence may not be considered time in attendance for the purposes of determining a refund. If absent from an exam, the instructor will determine if the exam may be made up. Student attendance is a factor in assigning grades for the center’s courses.
Generations Southeast accepts payment by personal check and reserves the right to withdraw that privilege at any time to anyone. If the check is returned the person is responsible for repayment to VTRC for any unpaid balance. A $25 returned check charge, plus the amount of the check will be charged to the party responsible for the check. This fee will be assessed for any checks returned to VTRC regardless of the reason.
Cancellation Policy
A student may cancel or reschedule a class without penalty if done three (3) full business days prior to the start of the class. Failure to cancel or reschedule three (3) full business days in advance will result in a $25 cancellation/administration fee. If a student fails to attend the scheduled class and does not cancel or reschedule, the full class fee (100%) will be charged.
In the event you need to reschedule a class, please contact Generations Southeast at least three (3) business days prior to your scheduled class. If you reschedule a class less than three (3) days prior to the day of the class there is a late rescheduling fee of $15. Call 907-463-7375 if you need to make any scheduling changes. There is a six (6) month limitation of rescheduling after the initial class sign-up. The full class fee (100%) will be charged if rescheduling extends past six (6) months plus any late penalty incurred from any reason above.
Generations Southeast reserves the right to cancel classes: In the event of insufficient enrollment, instructor changes or acts of God, the Vocational Training & Resource Center may cancel or reschedule the class. All students will be given notice if this occurs. No additional fees will be charged to the student under these circumstances.

In order to earn a certificate of completion, a student must complete a course with a grade of pass and have demonstrated good attendance (85% minimum) in accordance with the attendance requirements of Generations Southeast (please see  attendance policy within this section) and have satisfied any financial balances due.

CDL Training: The grading criteria include classroom participation, attendance, tests, final examination, range grading, road trip grading, pre-trip grading and air brake/steep downgrade tests. 

In order to earn a Certificate of Attainment from the Professional Truck Driver Institute and a Certificate of Completion from Generations Southeast, a student must:

Achieve an overall grade average of 70% or higher.

Complete all of the scheduled driving skill evaluations.

Successfully pass the state commercial driver’s license examination. (Administered by the DMV)

Maintain a minimum attendance of 85%.Meet all financial obligations to the school.

Children During Training

Generally, children may not be brought to training sessions at Generations Southeast. Children can be distracting to other students and the training sessions may be hazardous for children. The Central Council’s Employment and Training Division may be able to assist with child care based upon need.

Class Evaluation

All students are requested to evaluate the instructors at the end of each class. Evaluations will be kept in class files. Copies are provided to the instructor upon request.

Course Make-Up Policy
It is the policy of the CDL training programs that any time missed by students must be made up prior to graduation to qualify for completing the course and receiving a Generations Southeast certificate of completion.
The CDL Instructor will schedule any re-testing or make-up classes as required by completing a student Contact Form  stipulating a detailed description of the missed material and make-up required.
Disciplinary Policy

Warning – Probation, Termination, Appeal, and Re-Enrollment

Students unable or unwilling to meet appropriate standards of behavior, attendance, or progress during training will receive a warning and/or be placed on academic probation for one week by the Director or instructor. During the probationary period the student must maintain acceptable behavior, attendance, and progress to be taken off academic probation. Failure to meet the conditions of academic probation will lead to dismissal.

Persons who pose a threat to themselves or others may be dismissed from training. Verbal or physical assault upon another person or willful destruction of school property will result in immediate dismissal. Students who are caught cheating by copying or plagiarizing the work of others may also be terminated from training.

A student may choose to appeal for reconsideration within three business days of dismissal for any reason. The appeal is considered by a representative of administration. If the dismissal decision is upheld, a student may be considered for re-enrollment six months after termination. The center’s Director will review the application for re-enrollment of which their decision will be based on evidence that the original cause for termination is no longer a hindrance to training. 

Dress Code & Conduct

As the center’s training focuses on career skills, the training sessions should be treated as a job or as a business. Proper clothing should be worn to training sessions to develop professional work habits (e.g. computer trainees should wear appropriate office dress; shop trainees, appropriate work outfitting etc.).

Students are expected to have a courteous and professional attitude with the instructor and among students. A student who is found to be engaged in unacceptable behavior, such as dishonesty, theft, offensive language, or defacement of property will be subject to disciplinary action which could include dismissal from the center.

Drug Free Environment

Generations Southeast maintains a drug free environment. No smoking is allowed in training sessions. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited from the center’s functions. If a student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol (according to the instructor’s judgment) during a training session they will be dismissed from the day’s training with a warning that the next incident will be a dismissal from the center.

Grades and Transcripts

Good standing at Generations Southeast is established with the following standards:

Performance: Pass/Fail

Excellent 90 – 100% – “A”

Pass Good 80 – 89% “B”

Pass Fair 70 – 79% “C”

Pass Poor 60 – 69% “D”

Fail Failing -below 60 “F”

Fail Withdrawal -0 – “W” Withdrawn

Attendance: At least 85% of class training sessionsStudents that are not meeting good standing will be discussed at periodic evaluations with the instructor and will follow the  Disciplinary Policy.

Grievances & Appeals

Students have the right to file grievances or appeals through the Generations Southeast’s appeal procedure. Any decision affecting students are made based on program policies and require official documentation. A complaint, grievance or appeal must be administered in the following manner:

1) The student’s complaint, grievance or appeal must be submitted in writing to the center’s Director.

2) If the student is unsatisfied with the Director’s decision, a written request for appeal must be provided to the Central Council’s President within 30 (thirty) days after receipt of the Director’s written decision.

In addition, students may make written or verbal comments to the

State of Alaska, Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

PO Box 110505

Juneau, AK 99811-0505

Phone: (907) 465-6741

Grounds For Dismissal

Although every effort will be made by Generations Southeast and CDL Instructor to help students successfully complete the training program, there may become instances that require termination from this program. A student may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

1) Lack of progress (refer to  Satisfactory Progress Standards)

2) Misconduct (refer to  Student Conduct)

3) Three (3) consecutive absences (refer to  Attendance Policy and  Satisfactory Progress Standards)

4) Non-payment of tuition (refer to  Payment of Tuition)

5) Excessive absence/tardiness (refer to  Attendance Policy and  Satisfactory Progress Attendance)

6) Failure to maintain admissions criteria (refer to  Admissions Requirements)

Leave of Absence

Training programs through Generations Southeast are designed to be intense and cover material in a time effective manner. It is important to complete a course in one continuum of study; however, a leave of absence (more than five days) during a course may be granted if there is an extreme hardship. An extreme hardship is a significant occurrence outside the control of the student e.g. poor medical health of immediate family member, military obligations, or family crisis.

Guidelines for requesting a leave of absence: Submit a written request for a leave of absence with an explanation of the hardship and documentation (if available) to the CDL Instructor. The CDL Instructor will determine if the student meets satisfactory training progress requirements. A satisfactory standing must be met for a leave of absence to be considered. The CDL Instructor and student will need to complete an agreement to finish the training within a specific time frame.

Leave of absence will not exceed one calendar year unless:

1) A course scheduling requires a longer delay, or

2) A written medical recommendation from a physician is presented to request a longer delay.

In these cases, the leave can only be extended to a maximum of six additional months. If the training cannot be finished and an eligible hardship status is determined, a withdrawal (grade of ‘W’) will be assigned based upon the student’s last day of physical attendance. 

A student may only receive one (1)leave of absence per twelve-month period. All leaves of absence must be approved by the CDL Instructor and the Generations Southeast Director.

When a leave of absence is granted, it will reflect as a withdrawal status from the course for financial aid purposes. Upon return to the training, new financial aid forms may need to be completed to regain funding.

Maintaining Satisfactory Progress Attendance

Attendance is mandatory as part of the course requirements. Students are required to attend all scheduled instructional hours as a requirement for completion. As mentioned in the  Course Make-Up Policy students must arrange to make-up all missed classes with the CDL Instructor in order to maintain this requirement.

A student requesting to arrive late or leave early must complete a Leave Application Request Form. An absence will be recorded as unexcused if the CDL Instructor is not notified within 30 minutes of the expected attendance. An excused absence will be granted if prior notice is given to the CDL Instructor and arrangements are made to make-up the course work missed. Any absence excused or not, requires that the student take responsibility to make-up all lost time and complete course assignments. If a student is absent from an exam or quiz, the CDL Instructor will determine the time for the make-up.

Total hours of attendance and absence reports will be taken and posted daily for appraisal and documentation purposes.

Furthermore, a student missing three or more unexcused consecutively scheduled classes will be terminated from the program (Refer to   Readmission/Appeal Procedures) related to reinstatement.

Policy Regarding Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

Generations Southeast is a general public facility open to everyone and will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or personal items damaged on the premises (this includes vehicles in the parking lot). Students, room renters, program clients, and/or visitors to the building should never leave valuables unattended.

Probation Policy

A student will be placed on probation for any of the following:

1) Student fails to attend his/her scheduled remediation tutorial session without an approved absence.Student continues to score on make-up tests less than the 65% standard. Student fails to follow his/her schedule for x-up absence.

2) If at the end of the probation period, the student has not achieved satisfactory progress (see   Satisfactory Progress Standards); the student will be terminated from the training program. At the time of this determination, a student  Contact Form will be completed and placed in the student’s record file. In addition, a copy of the letter notifying the student of his/her status will also be placed in the student record file.

3) During the period of probation, the student will be required to meet satisfactorily the requirements set forth by the Instructor in the student’s Contact Form . At the successful completion of this period, the student will be removed from academic probation.

Refund Policy for CDL Training
Generations Southeast reserves the right to cancel classes: In the event of insufficient enrollment, Generations Southeast will cancel the class. All students will be given one week notice if this occurs.
Students not completing or passing the drug-screening test for the CDL class will not be allowed to participate in the driving portion of the class. If a student does not complete or pass the drug screening test and for this reason drops out of the CDL class, refunds will be based on the schedule below.
Schedules may change due to student enrollment. CDL course materials are available to students upon receipt of payment in full. If the student chooses to withdraw from a program of study for which the student has prepaid, the student may withdraw by submitting his/her intention, in writing, to the Generations Southeast Director or CDL Instructor.
Cancellation/rescheduling policy for CDL Training or other courses over 80 hours: All requests for withdrawal will need to be submitted in writing. If a student withdraws from one of these training courses ten (10) working days prior to the first day of class, all tuition and fees will be refunded, less a $30.00 administrative fee.
If a student withdraws out of one of these training programs five (5) working days prior to the first day of class, all tuition will be refunded, less the CDL Training associated fees and a $30.00 administrative fee.
A student has the right to cancel their enrollment contract until the end of the first (1) day of scheduled attendance and will receive a full tuition refund less the above-mentioned Non-Refundable fees.
Upon withdrawal or termination, Generations Southeast will acknowledge a student’s cancellation or withdrawal in writing within 5 business days after receipt of notification.
For students withdrawing or terminating from one of these training programs within the five (5) working days prior to the first day of class the remaining tuition will be returned according to the length of the program in which the student is enrolled. Refunds will be granted as follows: Generation Southast implements a refund policy that provides for an equitable refund in cases of discontinued attendance. The policy is as follows:
For a period of time after instruction has begun but before the second day of classes or the equivalent, Generations Southeast shall refund 100% of the tuition; after that,For a period of time after the first day of class but not more than 10% of the class has elapsed, Generations Southeast shall refund at least 90% of the tuition; after that,For a period of time after which greater than 10% but not more than 20% of the class has elapsed, the Generations Southeast shall refund at least 80% of the tuition; after that,For a period of time after which greater than 20% but not more than 25% of the class has elapsed, the Generations Southeast shall refund at least 55% of the tuition; after that,For a period of time after which greater than 25% but not more than 50% of the class has elapsed, the Generations Southeast shall refund at least 30 % of the tuition; after that,Once 50% of the class has elapsed, rounded to the nearest percent, no tuition will be refunded.Refunds to eligible veterans will be made on a prorated basis.The institution may require the student to remain committed to the entire amount of the tuition. Generations Southeast, as signatory on the student contract, is subject to all claims and defenses of the student or the student’s successors in interest, arising under the contract.
All refunds due a student shall be made within 30-days after receipt of notification of the student’s withdrawal or dismissal, or 30 days after the student’s last recorded date of physical attendance, whichever is earlier.
The fees, procedures and policies listed above supersede those previously published and are subject to change.

Student Information

Student ID (identification) numbers are the same as an individual’s social security number. By using social security numbers as student ID’s the center can be assured of an identification type which allow records to be tracked through a computerized database. Social security number information is personal; therefore if students do not wish to offer their social security numbers, the center will assign a unique ID to be used as identification. A student needs to use this ID when requesting a copy of any information record. Currently, no student ID cards are issued.

Training Policies: Measurement of Student Progress & Performance
As stated in each course training summary, students are rated on their ability to perform specific training-related competencies. Student progress is measured by satisfactorily meeting course objectives, assignments, tests, attendance, and in-class participation.
Students are given evaluations periodically and have scheduled conferences with instructors to discuss training progress. Copies of the progress reports are provide to agencies or companies that pay a portion of their client’s or employee’s training costs. Student will be provided copies of their progress report upon request.  
Withdrawal, Refund & Repayment Policies
Generations Southeast is required to have a fair and equitable refund policy. Using the appropriate refund policy for students’ financing and program length, a refund is calculated if a student withdraws, drops out, is terminated, or otherwise fails to complete the student’s contracted training program on or after the first day of training. The school’s policy is considered fair and equitable if the policy provides for a refund of the larger calculations required for the type of financing the student is receiving. ?